a “plush” evening…

It’s been about two years since I last saw Rory in action, at the time only two of the band members made it into the UK with valid visas. The others being sent swiftly back to South Africa…which as you can imagine made for an interesting set. With them having to do something typically African “make a plan”.  It was great however, that the band of four was back to the original duo.

Rory @ The Half Moon

I remember how rammed it was back then in the Halfmoon. Amazing to think some of the bands that have actually played there…The Rolling Stones, The Who and U2…”A small dark hole” as Rory described it, at the same time apologising for “dragging” us in there on such a beautiful sunny evening! Great venue, although small but makes for an intimate experience, must have been mind blowing seeing some of those big names.  I am going to be missed a Plush’s gig, I say missing but that is such a lie as I never would have been able to made it to Cape Town, ta he, so basically a brag, it was a private gig in the house I used to live in, so gutted!!!

This time round the Half Moon was not as rammed, we sat on the floor, as most did, with ice cold Bulmers in hand….ahhh! Defiantly the way to spend a Wednesday evening. It was the first time I have watched Carl play with Rory. Props to him I think they work well together, although Carl could use a little more boldness, seems to sit quietly there in the background, then again Rory being Rory who just takes control of that stage! Hard to shine…or maybe still jaded from Amsterdam??

Watching the guys play sparked a bunch of memories of days gone by in Cape Town. Wow can’t actually believe that was over five years ago…scary thought…but lets not dwell in the past, so moving swiftly on!

I do love the vibe and energy that Rory has when he gets up on that stage, you can see how he loves to perform and the passion that he puts in. I had totally forgotten about that! Considering they had just arrived back from Amsterdam, being a little jaded did not take anything away…a few blunders which produced some humorous situations. The set was relatively short but they did play two new songs that I have not previously heard. One song about “us” foreigner in London, “The furtherest place from home” and another song, something totally new for Rory a song that was not written from his experiences as all of is other songs are, about best friends hooking up and entering the relationship realm, deciding whether it’s wrong or right, aptly titled “Burly Conundrum”. I must say, I like and hope to hear it again soon. When that will be who knows…new album…Whoop Whoop!!!