First drive in the UK

Got my license converted from a Zimbo golden credit card to a boring pink UK one last minute (not complaining), just so I could drive up to Keswick for the mountain festival. Not my car, but meeting the owner up there as she was on a business trip. So license arrived last minute in the post so all the efforts to put me on the insurance were not in vain.

Having not driven in London, let alone the UK. Having lived on this here island for four years. Plus not having driven in probably close to a year. As you may well imagine I was pretty nervous and rightly so.

It took us over an hour to get out of London which is nothing new to anyone that has driven over here before. So we were on our way…M4, M40, M42 and then on to the M6 up to the lake district.

Coming from Africa I have never felt so anxious on the road before let alone a motorway, well to be fair I don’t think we have motorways back in laid back Africa, they would only get classed as highways. How true that is I don’t know, I can only speak from my experiences driving in the RSA.

Back to the driving experience, I constantly felt I was being sandwiched between cars and massive lorries which was pretty scary for little old me. You definitely have to keep your wits about you. Lorry drivers, yes massive lorries just pulling into the lane In front of me to overtake another lorry. Not worrying about giving a good enough distance between vehicles. Eeeish…this was exactly the same for some of the cars zooming up the motorway. Thinking about it, maybe there was something I missed getting my license, although as I mentioned before lack of motorways could be a pretty good reason for this lacking skill, if I can call it that.

Once past Manchester thing got a lot better…less traffic and beautiful scenery, god I love getting into the country. Although still on a motorway so not entirely countryside, but still better then cramped up London. Apologies to London lovers!

Arrived in Kewsick a good five or six hour later at our amazing little cottage nestled next to a beautiful noisy babbling river…highly recommended after a drive like that.

Keswick - Babbling River