Wondering around Dubai airport was very fascinating. I can’t actually believe how many people are actually in the transit area. The place is huge!!! It’s about twenty to four in the morning (12 @ night in UK time) and I have just boarded my flight to Singapore stopping via Colombo (Sri Lanka) by stopping what I mean is landning on the runway and waiting for a few passengers to get off and a few more to get on…Singapore here I come!


Leaving on a Jetplane

Well the day I have been waiting and planning for has finally arrived. Can’t really explain how I felt, bit a mixed bucket of emotions really. Was a long drive to Gatwick, well it felt like a really long while before we arrived, it was the most amazing sunny day though. A fuzzy warm feeling with the sun coming through the windscreen. Armed with my backpack packed to the minimum and my surfboard I boarded the Emirates flight. Said an emotional goodbye yo Jo and the Old Queen. Jo handing me a dairy to use will I was away and 40p to use when I got back to call if I needed a lift.

I had a whole row to myself which was pretty sweet. Settled in and was very impressed with the inflight entertainment Emirates had on board, phenomenal, is a word that comes to mind. 6 hours later I arrived in Dubai @ 00:45.

Salisbury to meet Anton

My first full day in the UK started with a bit of a panic, as I started to get a little paranoid about getting a visa into Indo, as I thought I needed a through flight proving that I will be leaving Indo. Other then that had an amazing day. Jo , Mom and myself drove down to Salisbury taking in Stonehenge on the way down which is just outside of Salisbury. Although the funny thing was, and we still tease Jo to this day, she wouldn’t let us stop at Stonehenge. We just drove straight past.

Anyway the major reason for us going to Salisbury was to meet up with Ant Walker, we wondered around the market and all caught up in this little pub we settled in called “Alchemy” which was a pretty funky little place.

Arrival in the UK before “Branching Out”

Arrived in London with Mom after a rather uncomfortable flight, even though we had been upgraded to “World Traveller Plus” on British Airways, flying into Heathrow at 5am. Was great to see Jo, who was waiting for us. We all spent the day in Wokingham and picked up Tobin from the train station. It felt very strange to be in the UK. Definitely a feeling I will need to get used to seeing as I will be living over here in a few months time.