Leaving on a Jetplane

Well the day I have been waiting and planning for has finally arrived. Can’t really explain how I felt, bit a mixed bucket of emotions really. Was a long drive to Gatwick, well it felt like a really long while before we arrived, it was the most amazing sunny day though. A fuzzy warm feeling with the sun coming through the windscreen. Armed with my backpack packed to the minimum and my surfboard I boarded the Emirates flight. Said an emotional goodbye yo Jo and the Old Queen. Jo handing me a dairy to use will I was away and 40p to use when I got back to call if I needed a lift.

I had a whole row to myself which was pretty sweet. Settled in and was very impressed with the inflight entertainment Emirates had on board, phenomenal, is a word that comes to mind. 6 hours later I arrived in Dubai @ 00:45.


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